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League Rules

LEAGUE RULES  (u15 boys, u16 boys and u19 boys)



1.  An entry fee to the leagues is payable to Leicestershire & Rutland  Schools Football Association



2.  Three points shall be awarded for a win and one for a draw.  If there is a tie for first place then the trophy shall be shared



3(a) Except for a ground being declared unfit, a league fixture may only be postponed by the two teams concerned if the approval of the league secretary has been obtained not less than four days in advance.

(b) It shall be the responsibility of the teacher i/c of the home team to postpone a match when the pitch is unfit and to notify the referee and the away team.

(c) In the event of postponements the match shall be rearranged at the time of postponement and the league secretary informed of the new date.

(d) If either team playing in a league match has two or more players involved in an E.S.F.A. or Leicestershire & Rutland  S.F.A. representative match on that or the following day, that team may opt to postpone the fixture.  No other representative game shall be considered sufficient reason to postpone a fixture.



4.  The leagues shall normally be closed at the Saturday following the end of the spring term.



5.  At the closing date for leagues the home team involved in any match not played shall forward a written explanation to the league secretary.  Schools failing to complete their fixtures may not be accepted for the following season in leagues in which they have defaulted.



6.  In the event of abandonment or protest, the Council shall adjudicate the validity of the result having considered a full written report of the circumstances.



7.  The home team shall be responsible for arranging for a competent referee to take charge of the match.



8.  Each team shall appoint an assistant referee.



9.  All matches shall be of two equal halves – forty-five minutes for over age matches and forty minutes for under fifteen matches.  In exceptional circumstances an agreed time will be acceptable.



10. In the event of a colour clash (to be decided by the referee if necessary) the home team shall change.



11. A school must field its best XI as the First XI on all occasions.  Regular first team players shall not be introduced to the second team to strengthen it for a particular encounter.



12. Both teams shall forward the results to the league secretary within three days (not including Sunday) of the match together with any other information which is relevant.  If a match is not played, the reason must be stated by both teams.



13. Substitutes shall be permitted according to the E.S.F.A. rules for each age group.



14. The laws of the game as defined by the F.A. shall apply in all matches except as amended in these rules.  A size 5 ball shall be used in U15 games.



15. Any team contravening these rules may be penalised at the discretion of Council, possibly by a deduction of points from the league tally.



16. The Council shall have the powers to deal with any matter pertaining to the running of the league which are not covered in these rules.



League Rules (u15/16 girls)

Playing rules shall be as for the boys leagues except that-

(a)   Matches shall be 35 minutes each way

(b)   Teams will be grouped to play in mini-leagues, with the group winners meeting as semi finalists in a knock-out competition

(c)   The league will finish with a League Cup Final