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u11 seven-a-side for small schools

ESFA seven-a-side competition for small schools (The “DANONE” Cup)

Extract from the rules

A “small school”, for the purpose of this competition, is defined as having no more than 65 children in Years 5 and 6.

This competition is open to both boys and girls (Y6 and Y5).

Matches shall consist of two periods of seven minutes, the teams turning straight round at half time.

The teams shall play in two groups on a league basis followed by a knock-out final to determine the champion school.

In the league section, a win shall gain three points, a draw one point.

  • ·    Should teams share first position in the league then the position shall be determined by goal difference.
  • · Should points and goal difference be equal the winner shall be the team scoring the most goals.

If this fails to determine the winning team then the position shall be determined by a play-off.

In the final

  • ·    If scores are level at the end of normal time in the final, play shall continue for a further period of six minutes (three minutes each way). .

If this fails to determine the winning team, the position shall be determined by the taking of penalty kicks, taken in accordance with the regulations of F.I.F.A. as published in The Laws of the Game.


  • ·    Each school shall select a squad of ten players, seven of whom shall form the team, the other three being substitutes.  A substituted player shall himself/herself  become a substitute (i.e. rolling substitutes)

  • ·    If possible, schools should have a change strip (or bibs) available to avoid colour clashes.

  • ·    The champion school will receive a Leicestershire & Rutland Schools F.A. trophy and ten medals.  The school will then represent Leicestershire in the Midlands Area final in the spring.