Categories: General
      Date: Apr  9, 2013
     Title: School / club fixture conflict
At this time of year there can be conflict between schools football fixtures and club football.

A player's loyalty to both school football and club football can be sorely tested at this time of year as teams try to recover fixtures delayed by the recent bad weather.  Regulations are in place from the Football Association regarding the playing of midweek fixtures by players of school age.

"Priority must at all times be given to school or school's organisation's activities in accordance with the recommendations of the Memorandum : Children of school age and school games, whilst a pupil is receiving full time education.  All clubs and competitions, excluding those whose matches are played on Sundays, shall include in their rules a provision to the effect that the availability of a pupil must be consented to by the Head Teacher.  A club or outside organisation should consult with the Head Teacher before selecting any child of school age to play for a team, and should accept the Head Teacher's decision on these matters.  However, Head Teachers should not restrain pupils who are not selected for school games of any kind, from playing for an outside organisation during their free time".

Schools should report any problems to the Association Secretary via the "contact us" facility.